Hi Everyone,

Since I started this hobby back in 2016 I have been mainly focused on trying to put out quality content in a timely manner. I haven't always achieved the timely part but I really feel that we are starting to hit our stride. Now that things are smoothing out I wanted to start focusing on building something more and I have been trying to find a way to take the community of listeners and turn them into a real community. I first I tried a old fashioned forum but that never really took off. Last year I started a Slack group and that has been met with more success. What is Slack? Slack is a web-based app that acts like a mix between instant messaging and email. It is available on the web and on Apple and Android devices. It is easy to download and get started and we have a decent sized group using it. To be honest, it is still a little quiet in there and I think that we need just a few more people to hit critical mass. 

Now, if you have been listening over the past year you will have heard that by sending me an email you can get an invite into the the Slack channel. Well today I am trying to make it even easier to get in. If you follow this link you will can register and start talking to people all over the world. I hope that you will all join us and take the one-way communication that is the podcast and turn it into a two-way street. I have met some awesome people doing this and I am excited to meet all the rest of you.